I’m Emily, the visionary and hands-on creative florist behind Thatch and Roses.

Thatch & Roses Flower Studio was born in 2018 shortly after the birth of my second child. After a decade excelling in customer service & retail, I knew I wanted to use my creativity and follow my dreams, so I decided to begin working in floristry full time.

While I re-trained in the world of flowers, I began to think about the clients I’d like to work with and suddenly it all clicked. When I’d got married and was organising the elements of my wedding, I was stifled when it came to flowers. No one seemed interested in my vision, and choosing my flowers felt like picking things out of a catalogue. It was all a bit cloak & dagger. I longed for creative freedom & clarity around the process. And because of that – as much as our wedding was amazing – its style didn’t really reflect us.

So, my mission is to change the way florists do things.

I want my clients to know I’m listening, that I’m putting their vision at the centre of all that I do, and I’ll do my darnedest to make their style dreams come true. My natural style is luxurious & romantic with a twist.

I am an inclusive designer & welcome all couples from every community, including LGBTQ+ couples.

You’ll find my workshop tucked away at the back of the 16th Century thatched farmhouse that my family & I live in - hence my business name, “Thatch and Roses”. Being studio based means I can focus on your wedding florals with zero distractions (except maybe Morse the Labrador pinching the odd flower!) and because I only take on one wedding at a time yours takes centre-stage!

All of my floral designs are bespoke to each customer. That means no two pieces are ever the same – unless you want them to be! I really do pride myself on listening to your vision.

East Anglia is where most of my clients are based, but for the right clients I’d be willing to travel further afield if that is what you’d like.

If you’re looking for someone who’ll put you at the heart of what they do, I’m the florist for you!

I would love to hear from you, so please get in touch to find out if I’m free for your wedding and we’ll get you booked in.

Emily xo