A Baby’s Breath Wedding - The Low Cost Option?

Type 'wedding' into Pinterest & I guarantee that you won't scroll far with coming across a picture containing baby's breath (gypsophila).  Baby's breath has always been used as a filler flower. This frothy, soft, romantic looking little flower has been very popular in recent years as a focal flower & also seems to have gained the label of a cheaper option. But this isn't necessarily the case.

The tricky thing about baby's breath is that you need a lot of it even for the simplest of designs. And although it isn't the most expensive flower on the market, typically around £1 a stem, remember that things have to bought in bunches so that's at least £25 a bunch. It also likes to get itself into a bit of muddle so as a florist it take time not arrange the large quanitity needed.

Baby's breath can also be quite fragrant, and it isn't always a nice smell. It does seem change depending on the variety and the time of year but there isn't particularly any rhyme or reason to it. But if you're mixing it with other flowers they will help mask the fragrance, your florist should let you know if they think there will be an issue.

So no, gypsophila isn't necessarily the low cost option, but if it's that classic look you're after then go for it. But if you're open to ideas then get chatting with your florist so they can help to maximise your budget, & get the same romantic look you're after.

Emily xo