Narcissus (Latin) -  Daffodil (Common)

Flower Meaning: Friendship

Narcissus signal the start of Spring for many of us but they can bloom in early February if the climate is right. The most popular varieties are usually yellow or white but narcissus can also be found in orange and sometimes even pink!

They are easy to grow from bulbs and will happily reappear every Spring year after year. There are tiny dwarf varieties such as ‘Tête-á-tête’ at about 5cm high, some such as ‘Tazetta’ that can grow up to 50cm & also more unique looking varieties such as ‘Tamar Fire’.

They are highly toxic if eaten & these toxins will quickly kill off any other varieties of cut flower sharing the same water. This is why they are often sold on their own & seldom seen in floristry displays. They can be used in wedding bouquets with other mixed flowers as wedding flowers have a short shelf life, although many florists would prefer not to take the risk! They make great gifts when potted up, this way they can be mixed easily with other bulbous Spring flowers. Perfect for Mother’s Day!

Emily xo