Paeonia (Latin) - Peony (Common)

Flower Meaning: Good Fortune, a long & happy marriage.

Peonies are one of the most coveted flowers for brides. With their full, fluffy heads of multiple petals and soft round shape, they are for many, the perfect wedding flower. These beautiful flowers are available in white & burgundy with all the shades of pink, red & coral in between!

Peonies are at their best for a short period of time between May & early July, during this time they are shipped from Europe with British peonies are available, weather permitting, for an even shorter period of time, late May/early June. It’s this limited availability that makes them some sought after & expensive – one of the most expensive flowers there are. Peonies used to be called the poor man’s rose as roses used to be much more expensive!

Of course, they can be bought from further afield such as Columbia or Kenya, but their size & quality is guaranteed & not every wholesaler will stock them. This is why most florists won’t promise them to a bride outside of the peony season!

Being a slightly temperamental flower means that you can’t always guarantee that they will open in time for a wedding, or that they won’t open too soon! But a good florist should be able to manage this successfully for you.

There are of course many alternatives to the peony if it’s out of your budget,  roses are a popular alternative but even the simple carnation can be grouped together to give the same fluffy effect  – trust me the average wedding guest wouldn’t know the difference, but your purse strings will!

Emily xo