Happy Birthday To Thatch & Roses!

Thatch & Roses is one year old! It feels so lovely to think that my little pipe dream has become a reality. This first year has seen me do a lot more than I thought - having another baby included! Breastfeeding an 11 week old & dressing a marquee in 30 degree heat wasn’t quite part of the plan. 🤣

I’ve learnt so much about myself & my customers, particularly who it is I want to be working with & more importantly why. I’ve more than doubled the number of bookings for this year - a trend which looks set to continue for 2020. And later this year I’ll be opening the studio doors to the public for workshops on a more regular basis. I might still climb those spiral stairs at Ely Cathedral this Christmas though - who knows!

The studio is the other big thing. It was always on the agenda for it to get a makeover but we had house renovations & babies to think of first. But this Spring it’s all systems go to get it ready for a busy wedding season. No more spiders & mice - hopefully. I’ll be sharing my plans on the studio in more detail soon so watch keep an eye out over on my Instagram for more.

I’ve stumbled into a great community of other wedding suppliers,  both near & far. I love getting to talk business, and get creative with  on a regular basis. You’ll be seeing me working with some great local suppliers very soon. I’ll be sharing behind the scenes on a styled shoot at a beautiful venue.

And best of all I’ve got to work with some wonderful couples & contribute to their special days. I love seeing those wedding plans grow & develop. I get to understand a couples relationship & the decisions behind those important personal touches. In many cases the flowers play a special part in adding sentimentality to the day. I like to think that I am forming lasting relationships with my couples that extend beyond flowers for one day.

I feel like the first year of my thirties is going to be a big one for me & my business - and I’m excited!!! I just wanted to add a little thank you to all of you who continue to support me on this journey.

Watch this space! 

Emily xo

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