How To Define Your Wedding Style

Defining the style of your wedding day is easier said than done. You might want a traditional church service followed by a bohemian party in the forest. The only thing you need to remember is it’s your day & your way. But where do you start?

Bridal magazines, Instagram & Pinterest are amazing resources for wedding inspiration. So start scouring for images of things you want to include at your wedding. I highly recommend saving your inspiration in categories for easy reference later on.

Venue Style

Where do you want to have your ceremony? A church or registry office is a popular option, but it’s becoming ever popular to get married at the same venue as your reception if it has a license. If there’s a venue you love its worth enquiring to see what they can offer.

Deciding upon & securing your venue is the most important factor of your day. Without knowing this it’ll be difficult to pin down anything else. Some venues book up years in advance – so get booking that rustic barn or glamourous ballroom!


What time of year do you want to get married? Do you want a cosy winter wedding, or a long, hot summers day? Bearing in mind the British weather can be a little bit unpredictable! If you’re trying to keep your costs down it’s also a good idea to look at a calendar when setting your date. Weddings that coincide with public holidays may impact on pricing. For example, Valentine's Day means flowers & florists are in high demand!

Colour Scheme

After deciding where & when you’re getting married you should be getting a feel for your big day. The easiest way to create some cohesion for your day is through your colour scheme. It could be your favourite colour, or from a picture that inspired you. By having a few set colours to use with your flowers, your bridesmaid’s dresses, table decor etc everything will feel like it has a purpose. There are loads of resources online to help you pull together a beautiful colour palette. Have more than one colour in your scheme is much better than a single colour, it helps bring your designs to life.


Having some decor elements that you can incorporate into every part of your day is another way to pull everything together. If you like hessian for example, you don’t have to have it everywhere, just subtle nods here & there. Having three or so things that work beautifully together and apart is a great idea. It might be you love flowers, candles & pearls, this can be worked into table centrepieces, pearls on buttonholes, silk for men’s pocket squares.

Dress Code

Dress code is crucial to conveying your wedding style. What if you want a relaxed, casual wedding dress & your fiance wants to wear a tux? Or you want all your guests to wear white? Make these decisions together & make sure the dress code is on the invites. You’ll be amazed at what some people think is appropriate wedding attire!

Hopefully, you’ve got an idea of where to start when it comes to forming your own wedding style. Don’t worry about giving it a label – it’s your wedding. Just make sure you can clarify your vision with the suppliers who will be helping you make your day come to life. I love looking at other peoples’ wedding Pinterest boards!

Emily xo