Eustoma (Latin) -  Lisianthus (Common)

Flower Meaning: A long & happy life.

Lisianthus or Lizzy as it's often fondly referred to, is a common wedding flower. British lisianthus is strictly a summer flower, although it is available all year round if bought from overseas. It is often mixed in with other flowers particularly in arrangements seeking a vintage feel. Its soft & silky heads come in single or double form, meaning the double have more petals & a fuller look, and are often mistaken for roses by the untrained eye.

The stems are long & slender with several flowers per stem. Although soft stemmed the flowers can be wired if needs be & used in bouquets, crowns & corsages etc. Lizzy comes in a vast range of colours from cream & white through pink, lilac, purple, blue, yellow, orange & red. There are also bi-coloured varieties where the tips of the white petals are tinged with pink or purple.

Emily xo