rosa (Latin) - rose (Common)

Flower Meaning: Love, depending on the colour this encompasses friendship to everlasting love & every expression in between!

The Rose is probably the most common flower used in wedding work, perhaps because it comes in so many varieties & is in season for those important Summertime wedding months, June to September. Although with the wonders of modern growing techniques Roses are available all year round with many being grown overseas. Roses are a fairly hardy flower but do need to be handled properly to avoid bruising & discolouration. No body wants brown instead of white roses in their bridal bouquet.

When thinking of Roses you need to push past the £5 bunch of small, tight, bright pink lovelies you can find in the local supermarket. Think big, blousy & beautiful in soft romantic shades ranging from white to darkest red & everything in between. You can even purchase dyed roses in rainbow colours and unnatural shades of blue...

The creme de la creme of roses is the garden rose, specifically those grown by David Austin. With their dense, soft petal structure these really do add the wow factor to any bridal work. The luxury collection of 14 different roses were specifically bred for wedding work & are only available through wholesalers & growers for the florist trade.

If David Austin roses are out of budget, don't be disheartened there are still a multitude of stunning roses available to suit all budgets. Your florist will be able to select the best flowers to suit your budget & colour scheme - trust their knowledge & be flexible with your requests!

Emily xo