Royal Wedding Flower Trends

With a certain royal wedding just one month away I thought I’d compare a few other royal weddings of late. There are several things present in these past dates that might just make an appearance on the 19th May for Harry & Meghan’s nuptials.

Kate Middleton & Prince William ~  29th April 2011

Seven years ago we witnessed a beautiful Spring royal wedding between Kate & William. Kate kept her flowers very traditional & perhaps surprisingly small.

Kate’s bouquet was a small, wired, shield-shaped bouquet made of flowers with important meanings. Queen Victoria made ‘The Language of Flowers’ popular with her own wedding & this trend has stayed true for royal weddings since. Kate’s bouquet contained myrtle from a plant grown on the Isle of Wight from sprigs of Queen Victorias own bouquet & is an emblem of love & marriage. The bouquet contained many other seasonal flowers:

  • Sweet Williams – Gallantry & probably a nod to the groom, available April to June

  • Lily of the valley – a return to happiness, available April & May

  • Ivy – Marriage, wedded love, fidelity, friendship, available all year

  • Hyacinths – constancy of love, available November to May.

Shane Connolly, the florist behind Kate’s flowers, and also Camilla’s royal wedding, also created flower crowns & smaller posies for the bridesmaids.

Diana & Prince Charles ~ 29th July 1981

Diana & Charles had probably the most highly anticipated royal wedding of their era & they didn’t disappoint. Their wedding style certainly influenced the rest of the decade! Besides her big, flouncy dress, Diana also had a big bouquet. The large cascading design is now largely out of fashion but I’m sure it’ll come back around. Alongside Lily of the valley, myrtle & ivy as featured in Kate’s bouquet, Diana’s bouquet also featured:

  • Gardenias – loveliness

  • Stephanotis – happiness in marriage

  • Odontoglossum Orchid – love, beauty, beautiful lady

  • Earl Mountbatten Roses – joy & friendship

  • Freesias – innocence & friendship, available March – October

  • Veronica – fidelity in adversity

  • Tradescantia

Queen Elizabeth & Phillip ~ 20th November 1947

The Queen’s bouquet was very structured and heavily wired. The orchids used in the bouquet would have made it an extravagance at the time as the country was still subject to rationing. The bouquet is rumoured to have been mislaid during the royal wedding procedures, and some of the wedding photographs show the queen without her bouquet. It is suspected that the Queen & Prince Phillip recreated some photo’s later on & for every royal wedding since there has always been a replica bouquet made.

  • Cattaleya, Cypripedium & Ondontolglossum Orchids – love, beauty, beautiful lady.

  • Myrtle

There are definitely some themes running through these historical royal bouquets, who knows if Meghan & Harry will decide to carry them on, maybe they’ll buck all the trends of tradition like their relationship has done so far… we’ll have to wait & see!

Emily xo