Helianthus (Latin) - Sunflower(Common)

Flower Meaning: Silent Love, Adoration, Brilliance, Loyalty, Sunshine

Sunflowers are so called mainly because of their appearance but also because they follow the sun throughout the day, turning their heads from east to west. Originating from the Americas sunflowers are grown for their seeds, oil & cut flowers. In the U.K. you may see fields of sunflowers used as habitat for game birds.

We picture sunflowers as large dinner plate sized flowers at the top of towering stem, as children growing contests are very popular. In fact they come in different sizes & range in colour from red to brown to terracotta & lemon yellow. These bright delights are perfect for summer or autumn weddings as they epitomise warm, sunny days. 

Sunflowers are suitable for large installation, buttonholes & everything in between. They create an eye catching display wherever they are used & really are a fun addition. If you're popping some into a vase at home then don't use flower food - it will kill them!

Emily xo