Top 10 Spring Wedding Flowers

As gardens are bursting into life all around us & the wedding season is about to start I thought I’d share with you my top ten Spring wedding flowers.

In no particular order, my top ten Spring wedding flowers are those that are available from 20th March - June 21st give or take the influence of Mother Nature.

Starting with the obvious we have Narcissus. The narcissus family is a big one, ranging from the common daffodil to the more delicate paper whites. Those bright pops of yellows with creamy whites or dark oranges scream Spring time. Be bold and have a bouquet of pure daffodils or work them into a number of colour palettes.

Daffodil Spring Wedding Flowers Bouquet

Tulips are another flower that always Spring to mind. My favourites are the beautiful parrot varieties with their ruffled petals and unique colourings that remind me of beautiful pools of spilled ink.

Hellebores are a quiet flower that are often over looked. Ranging in shades of white, green, pink or my favourite the plum Helleborus Orientalis these little beauties look great with the popular muted colour palettes.

Another flower that mixes well with similar colour palettes are fritillaries. The most popular is Snakeshead or Fritilaria Meleagris. These dainty little beauties look great giving some movement to arrangements.

Lilac is a beautiful flowering woody plant that gives off the most heavenly scent. Most commonly found in shades of well, lilac. Lilac can also be found in white, pink and burgundy. It’s a great filler flower for larger arrangements & gives great height too.

lilac 2.jpg

Viburnum Opulus or more commonly known as the Gelder Rose, is the most vibrant zingy green in Spring. It’s a fantastic foliage & I love using it to really make those arrangements sing!


Lily of the Valley is a sweet scented, delicate little flower made royally famous for its part in Kate Middleton’s bouquet. These tiny flowers require a little bit more love & attention from the florist than most. They don’t like to hang around very long once cut from the plant & usually require lots of wiring to keep them looking their best for as long as possible on the day.

lily of the vallet.jpg

Muscari is another iconic Spring flower, available in shades of soft blue, lilac & white. Its perfect in wedding work particularly if your looking for that seasonal touch to your classic white & green colour palette.

Sweet peas! These pastel coloured delights have a strong sweet fragrance & are simply gorgeous in wedding work. They add a soft delicate feel to any arrangement either mixed in or as a stand flower. They are easy to grow yourself at home, in fact if you get any in an arrangement from me they’re likely to have been grown right outside the studio door.

And finally, the much lusted after peony. This much coveted Spring wedding flower has a short lived season around late April to early July - weather dependent!! They are available outside of this window but the price is higher & the quality poorer. Regardless of this, these huge, ruffled beauties exude femininity & romance & make for the perfect statement Spring wedding flower.

Emily xo

All Image Credits From Pinterest