Why Are Wedding Flowers So Expensive?

A bunch of flowers from the supermarket is cheap. They are bought in massive quantities and low paid, untrained workers quickly wrap the same selection of flowers in cheap packaging, for you to take them home and pop them in a vase on your kitchen windowsill. Anything from a florist has a significantly higher price tag, but just why are wedding flowers so expensive?

As a comparison, a box of hair dye from your local chemist is less than £10. But no one questions that having your hair coloured at the hairdressers will cost significantly more. How much more depends on many factors – products used, location, stylists training level etc. The same thing applies to your wedding flowers.

The flowers your florist uses have been grown from seed, cut at the right time, transported & delivered, often covering hundreds of miles in a matter of a few days to arrive safely & in perfect condition. There are thousands of different types of flowers available & your florist will have planned, organised & ordered every bloom for each of your bespoke designs. All of the time spent by the grower, the wholesaler & your florist has to be accounted for.

Once your flowers arrive, time is spent conditioning the flowers to make sure they look at their best for your wedding day. This will start days before your event, those gorgeous lilies you want blooming in your bouquet arrive in tight buds & damage easily! Time it all wrong and you could have what look like green bananas in your bouquet or worse, wilting & sad looking blooms.

Bridal designs are put together in specific ways to make sure they maintain the shape & style you want for the whole day. Buttonholes are carefully wired & bouquets aren’t just shoved together handfuls. This is fiddly work, and if you cut a stem too short there’s nothing you can do, that flower is wasted. Your florist will have spent days & days in training early in their career to learn how to do this perfectly just for you.

You also need to think about the logistics of your day. Who is going to deliver your flowers usually to two addresses for the bride & the groom, dress the venue & hang that beautiful garland above your church door?

Your wedding day should be relaxing and enjoyable not spent up a step ladder early in the morning, or tidying up late into the night because the venue needs everything back to normal. It’s not unusual for a florist to work late into the night or start at 5am on the day of the wedding. This is what you pay your florist for.

If you’re thinking about DIYing your wedding flowers I highly recommend doing a floristry workshop to get a feel for how much work is involved!

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Remember, that long after your guests have forgotten what they ate on your wedding day the photos will still exist & I bet in every single one there will be something designed by your florist. The wedding flowers need to be exactly as you want them.

By now you should have an understanding of why flowers cost so much. But I guess you’re thinking, “What am I going to do about it?”

I’ve put together a cheat sheet sharing my ‘8 Money Saving Tips For Your Wedding Flowers’ – Click here to get yours.

Emily xo