Making Wedding Flowers Simple

Are you…

Having an intimate wedding?
Looking to have a hands-off approach when it comes to flowers?
Not looking for my bespoke services?

If any of those statements ring true to you then my Essential Elements wedding package is the solution you are looking for.

The Essential Elements approach is perfect if you love the Thatch & Roses design style but are happy to leave the details to me.

It’s ideal if you’re only looking for the ‘essential elements’ such as personal flowers & a few special touches for your ceremony or reception. The process is simple, give me the necessary details, order online from a set menu & relax knowing you can tick flowers off your to-do list.

And because you don’t require the additional services of my bespoke service, you’ll get 10% discount.

If you want a more collaborative approach, have more complex designs in mind, want to meet in person or have needs of a larger scale, try my Bespoke Service.